Asian Institute Of Safety Management

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Diploma in environment management

Environmental pollution and its impacts, chemical pollution, thermal pollution, air pollution, water pollution, soil and land pollution, pollution control strategies, emergency planning and procedure and waste management.

Diploma in industrial safety management

Health and safety management, hazards evaluation techniques, safety inspections, pre-accident strategies, electrical safety, material handling safety, industrial safety legislations

Diploma in oil and gas

Fire protection and emergency response, hydrocarbons process safety, logistics and transport operations, identifying and controlling hazards of offshore platforms, offshore procedure system and offshore pipeline.

Diploma in construction safety management

Management of significant projects, main hazards of construction site and risk control techniques, transport hazards, manual handling hazards, work equipment hazards, electrical safety, fire safety, work at heights, ladders, scaffolding safety, mobile elevated work platforms, excavations, demolition hazards , construction health hazards, storage of various materials on site.


Environmental management, practical assessment